before hump muffin there was kitsch me.

kitsch me started off as a blog for my second life store by the same name. since then i have closed that store (there are still a few things for cheap on marketplace) and decided to change my blogs name to my inworld displayname, hump muffin, and do a cutesy SL fashion blog. that is pretty much it. โค

review policy: i’ve never been one to turn down free stuff! most of the things i blog i have paid for (i don’t even want to know how much of my RL money i have put into this game! lol). so if you are a creator and think your designs would fit in well on this blog, please contact me in world and i’m sure we can work something out!

in world name: guinevere kirshner (aka hump muffin)

link trades: always up for them! just get in touch with me somehow and we’ll make it happen.

contact information:
second life: Guinevere Kirshner
email: guinevere.kirshner *at*


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